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When you walk into CrossFit Jungle Gym for the first time it looks nothing like your local gym and that is because it isn’t. Our facility is housed in a garage bay turned badass athlete factory.  Within this facility, you will see a wide range of fitness deriving tools:  gymnastic rings, climbing ropes, kettlebells, barbells, pull-up bars, medicine balls, squat racks, jump boxes, jump ropes, thousands of pounds of bumper plates, chains, bands, paralettes, tires, atlas stones, sledgehammers, sandbags and many other objects. Our facility’s appearance and equipment is not the only thing that sets us apart from your average gym. At CrossFit Jungle Gym we have elite level coaches teaching every class.

These coaches will change your mentality and expectations associated with your average fitness experience. CrossFit Jungle Gym is not your typical gym, because of this we do not achieve typical results. At CrossFit Jungle Gym, the music is loud, the encouragement is louder, and the life altering changes are loudest. It is here that you will once and for all have the ability to not just reach your goals, but to exceed far beyond them. These 1800 sq. ft. of fitness heaven cannot contain the speed, strength and power developed here. Set your notions, fear, and ego aside, and come join our CrossFit Jungle Gym team today.

We believe you are a product of your environment and what better environment is there than one where your Coach’s knowledge is equivalent to their passion, members treat your goals with the same respect as their own, and every day you walk out a BETTER you than the one who entered…

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